Self-aligning bearing

Self-aligning bearing

This type of bearing is mainly characterized by having an outer ring with spherical geometry, which means that, when in operating condition, it allows all sub-assemblies to absorb slight misalignments. These are generally mounted in cast iron, sheet metal, stainless steel or thermoplastic housings. There are different types of fasteners, but the ACL and ECL lines offer collars that attach to the inner ring and allow the bearing to be fixed to a shaft by using two set screws spaced apart. The SAB and ASL lines have extended inner rings that have two fastenings to link to the shaft. B&P offers multiple containment configurations according to the corresponding application thanks to the different types of seals developed. These are usually single row ball bearings, but B&P has also developed products with double rows. Its most common applications are in agriculture, to be used in multiple industrial machines, among others.

Main Advantages


We innovate to offer higher performance products to be used in extremely demanding applications where lubrication cannot be a problem but a solution. Our “maintenance-free” premise is with us since the conception of each product.

Longer service life

We develop and design bearings, seals and lubrication systems that can enhance the usage in working environments and reduce the lubricant consumption at the same time.

More productive times

We know everything about what a service shutdown entails. That is why we work to avoid them by enhancing the performance of each product and innovating to make relubrication a thing of the past.


Our specialized development team works together with your company’s engineering departments to generate innovative solutions that allow you to face the world’s growing energy needs with reliable developments that promote increased performance in a sustainable way.

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